Provide online shoppers their real-time credit score instantly from your dealer website with CreditVue™.

Engage • Educate • Convert

CreditVue is a simple and effective way to capture qualified shoppers who
visit your dealer website and don’t normally submit their contact

CreditVue is a lead capture tool, powered by Equifax™, which gives online
shoppers the ability to check their credit score directly from your website –while allowing dealers to capture lead information for immediate follow-up.

How it Works

Shoppers in the early stage of buying a vehicle come to your website.

They fill out the brief CreditView form.

They instantly get their Equifax credit score – and you get valuable lead information.

CreditVue Adds Immediate Value

  • Engaging shoppers early in their initial research phase increases the likelihood they’ll make a purchase from your dealership.
  • CreditVue provides shoppers the most up to date credit score; most shoppers don’t know or check their credit score.
  • CreditVue is powered by Equifax a trusted leader in credit reporting services.
  • CreditVue requires no social security number or date-of-birth to view credit score.
  • Dealers receive detailed prospect information for use in closing the sale.